[Review] Ali Vegas – Bridging the Gap

Ali Vegas - Bridging the Gap

Not so long ago SoundKamp dropped the E.P. Bridging the Gap from Ali Vegas.

The E.P. contains 6 Tracks that are all really dope in their own way.

Bridging the Gap starts with the Song “Literature (feat. AC)”, which is a really good start for the E.P.

Ali Vegas – Literature (feat. AC) by soundkamp

What is most interesting about the E.P. is that it doesn’t contain that typical “Gangsterrap” that most people associate with Hip Hop and what makes it really attractive for a lot of them.

The Beats that come from P.R. & The Iron Ghost aka. SoundKamp are great and the songs also have a really nice melody. All this combined with the awesome Rap skills and voice of Ali Vegas makes “Bridging the Gap” a pure WIN for every Fan of good Hip Hop and also for everyone who loves good music.

For the people that are now like: “Ewwwww that’s Hip Hop so I won’t even give it a try”. We advise you to Download it and really give it a try, but be careful it could bring back your love for Hip Hop or make you fall in Love with really good Hip Hop for the first time.

Our favorite Song of “Bridging the Gap”: How You Doin

Ali Vegas – How You Doin’ by soundkamp


  1. Literature (feat. AC)
  2. How You Doin’
  3. Animal Rap
  4. Reach Out
  5. When I (feat. Armageddon)
  6. Don’t Go


Get your free copy at www.soundkamp.com

And last but not least we recommend to check out the Facebookpages of the guys and follow them on Twitter so you’re always up 2date about their newest stuff.

SoundKamp Facebook

P.R. Facebook

P.R. on Twitter

TheIronGhost on Twitter

Ali Vegas on Twitter

Ali Vegas on Facebook


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