[Review] Home Made Kazoku – Seven Emotions

Seven Emotions
At the beginning of May Home Made Kazoku released their Mini Album called „Seven Emotions“.
If you hold an album with that name in hand your first thought may be “Does it cause seven different emotions inside of me?” and we can honestly say that this album really does it.
There are 7 Songs in total. In the “Theme of seven emotions”, which is the first song of the Album, the Band introduces different emotions.

After the Theme song, the wonderful Ballad “Motto Kimi Wo…” follows. As soon as this songs starts of, the image of a really sad love story comes to your mind. It the perfect song to listen to when you are love sick, because it will open your heart and maybe the tears that are stuck in your eyes can finally flow and free you of some pain. Or you are just touched by this wonderful ballad.

With “YELL” we have an upbeat song that cheers you up and gives you a lot of energy and hope. You want to start dancing with your friends and have a really nice party. The Rap Elements suit this song just perfect.

The party continues in the “BIG CITY”. Lots of Rap Elements and clapping dominate the song together with the melodic chorus it’s also a nice cheer up song.

The guys from Home Made Kazoku keep it upbeat with “Kokoro no Hana”, but that song also sounds a bit sad and is carried by guitar sounds.

Close to the end of the Minialbum they say “Good Bye to Onajikurai Thank You”. A nice slow song with lots of acoustic guitars. And to be honest, shouldn’t we all say “Thank you” to a special person? This song fills your complete body with the feeling that you want to run to your best friend, hug him or her and say “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you from my heart”.
Normally that song would be the perfect ending for a “Seven Emotion” Album but honestly where is the song that just purely makes you happy?

Don’t worry it’s there. “Nagareboshi ~Shooting Star~” is pure Happiness and it makes you smile from the first beat on.

So yeah we have to say that “Seven Emotions” really brings up different emotions inside of us, even if we can’t describe them all.
If you like a good mixture of Popmusic with Rap Elements you will like Home Made Kazoku and if you like music that brings up emotions inside of you, you will love “Seven Emotions”.

Our favorite Song of this Album: Motto Kimi wo…

01.Theme of seven emotions
02.Motto Kimi wo…
05.Kokoro no Hana
06.Good Bye to Onajikurai Thank You
07.Nagareboshi ~Shooting Star~ (Fickle Remix)


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