[Review] The Prodigy – World's on Fire DVD

A while ago The Prodigy released their long awaited „World’s on Fire“ Live DVD.
This Live DVD covers their awesome Performance at the Warriors Dance Festival in Milton Keys.

The DVD Menu gives you different choices like “Play All”, “Photo Gallery”, “Select Target” and more. The Menu itself reminds us of equipment Liam would use. Bright colors combined with Black and White give the Menu the typical The Prodigy look.

But we recommend to just select “Play All” and dive into an amazing Live-Experience of this awesome Band.
The first impression that you get is like “OMG…this is so huge” and you won’t just mean the stage. Also the crowd is amazingly big. As expected from a gig of The Prodigy the guys go full-force and keep that great energy over the complete show.
After the guys entered the stage they started their gig with “Breathe” and the crowd goes BOOM from the beginning.
The switches between the camera angles are really great and give the viewer a perfect overview and capture the great atmosphere.

The Prodigy – World's On Fire – cd/dvd/blu-ray… von TheProdigy-Official

For us one of our main thoughts while watching this DVD was “Damn why weren’t we there?”, followed by a really sad face. And if you’re an as big The Prodigy Fan as we are you will get the same feeling if you weren’t there.

Also all the extra footage is pretty nice and worth watching.

So all we can say is, grab some good food, invite your friends and enjoy an energetic evening with probably the best Live Performance of The Prodigy.

So to quote Maxim: “Will you breathe with me?” Our answer to this is “YES” over and over again.
This DVD is a piece of ART that should be in your collection if you love great concerts.

The Prodigy Homepage
The Prodigy @ Facebook
The Prodigy @ Twitter


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