[Interview] The Galz meet Ali Vegas

After the Release of Bridging the Gap earlier this year we asked “The Prince of New York” Ali Vegas for an Interview. He was so kind to sit down and answer our Questions, so please be sure to check out the great Interview that we Galz had with Ali Vegas.

Ali Vegas
Galz: Would you please introduce yourself to our Readers?
Ali Vegas: Wsup Germany its Americas favorite prince Ali Vegas

G: When did you start working on your career as a Rapper?
A: I started when i was 6 years old just doing poetry that grew into prolific rhymes that caught the attention of track masters tone and poke that’s how it started

G: You currently released an E.P. “Bridging the Gap” produced by the Australian Producer Duo SoundKamp. How was the work with the guys over such a distance?
A: That was so much fun I just love music and SoundKamp loves good music so we just bridged the gap with the music

G: How was the response that you got for “Bridging the Gap”?
A: The response was great and still building up

G: Which is your favorite song of “Bridging the Gap” and why?
A: The whole E.P. is my favorite I can’t single out one song

Ali Vegas - Bridging the Gap
G: By checkin’ out your official HP we found out that you were/are representing Hairoix, hairproducts that are made made with all natural ingredients. Tell us more about that.
A: Yes Hairoix is my company.. i grew up in a house with women of all races and i just wanted to make a all natural hair product for all of them to use …so i started hairoix

G: What do you think about the American Hip Hop Scene? Is it as aggressive as most of the people say?
A: It’s kinda weak … everyone’s following everyone else

G: There are lots of kids that dream of being a famous Rapper. What advice would you give young people all over the world that want to try to get into this business?
A: Work hard at achieving your dreams and don’t ever take no for an answer !!!!!!!!

G: What are the next plans of Ali Vegas? What new stuff can we expect?
A: The Book Of ALI LP is on its way …follow me on Twitter for updates @therealalivegas

G: And last but not least please give a short message to our readers
A: I love yall thanks for supporting me and taking your time to read my words .. many blessings to you all!!!!!

If you still haven’t listen to “Bridging the Gap” you can download it here for FREE!!!
And like Ali said don’t forget to follow him and stay up to date with everything.

Ali Vegas on Twitter
Ali Vegas on Facebook
Our “Bridging the Gap” Review


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