[Review] Dub or Die Vol. 4

Dub or Die Vol. 4 Cover
And here we go again with another Dubstep Review.

Just a few weeks ago we introduced “Dub or Die Vol. 3” by The Unthinkables to you.
On August 1st DJ Libre & KID KOMA dropped “Dub or Die Vol. 4”.

This time you get an 18 Track Mixtape which is different from Vol. 3. Where Vol. 3 was more “partyish”, Vol. 4 has more of a “chillout” character. You can just sit together with friends and have this great Mixtape running in the Background.

Dub or Die Vol.4 by The Unthinkables
1. Heavy Artillery – Excision & Downlink ft. Messinian
2. King Kong – Bare & Datsik
3. Turn it Up – Urban Assault
4. I Want You (Bar9 Remix) – Paul Harris VS Eurythmics
5. Pitbull – Triage
6. The Twelfth Step – Project Bassline
7. Act Like You Know – Nero
8. Harry (Bare Noize Remix) – Medison ft Skrein
9. Needed Change – Skrillex ft 12th Planet
10. Blow (The Bomb) (Ed Solo & JFB Remix) – Ivory & Fresh VS Deekline & Wizard
11. Look At Me Now (Dillon Francis Remix) – Chris Brown ft Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes
12. Amazon Rock – Bro Safari
13. Bassment – Enigma
14. Crazy Hustler – Colonel Up & Mister Down
15. Under Vacuum – Colonel Up & Mister Down
16. C’mon Now – Roksonix
17. The Werewold (Dubstep Remix) – Figure
18. Actin’ Hard (Kroyclub Remix) – Captain Hard

So if you are planning a party with a nice chillout after that you should get “Dub or Die Vol.4” and enjoy it with your friends. And for the party don’t forget to play “Dub or Die Vol.3”.
If you missed the chance to get one of the 100 free Downloads of “Dub or Die Vol.3” just comment below and I guess there will be a solution to get it.

Also stay tuned for more “The Unthinkables” stuff on Galz love Music. There will be an Interview with KID KOMA & DJ Libre coming soon.

Now turn up your speakers and listen to “Dub or Die Vol. 4” so even your neighbors get addicted to it.

Don’t forget to stay up to date with everything by following them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.
The Unthinkables Homepage
The Unthinkables @ Facebook
DJ Libre @ Facebook
KID KOMA @ Facebook
DJ Libre @ Twitter


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