[Interview] The Galz meet DJ Libre (The Unthinkables)

After the Release of Dub or Die Vol. 3 we asked DJ Libre of the Unthinkables for an Interview. He was so kind to take the time and answer our questions. So now take some time and enjoy the great Interview with DJ Libre.

DJ Libre (The Unthinkables)
KRS ONE once taught me that “Hip means to know, it’s a form of intelligence, To be hip is to be up-date and relevant. Hop is a form of movement, you can’t just observe a hop, you got to hop up and do it. Hip and Hop is more than music, Hip is the knowledge, Hop is the movement. Hip and Hop is intelligent movement. All relevant movement”

That in mind, it’s interesting to watch how much hip hop has grown as a culture, world wide. Real Hip Hop is a cultural movement. It is more than just kicks, snap backs and tall tees but it’s the initial establishment of Hip Hop that a lot of people fail to remember.

Hip Hop world wide today however, is gaining a lot of mass appeal now that it has crossed over to other genres and people are slowly discovering what the whole movement is all about. Most of the elements remain underground, but are gradually emerging into the Pop scene, which could be a cause of why people do not understand the roots of Hip Hop and only interpret the “Swag”. Another reason could be Governments recognising that music, art and entertainment is a key contributor to the economy. There are a lot more people having dreams of becoming rich and famous within the “Urban Scene” and Hip hop is now becoming more glorified with unrelated references.

Now it’s been almost 4 years since I built the courage to take my skills as a DJ, from the bedroom and showcase my talents, leaving myself open to public opinion. Something that Sydney-Siders are not shy of expressing. I am grateful for my many self accomplishments I have gained from becoming a DJ. I believe I still have a lot to learn and continue to pride myself in gaining the knowledge needed to grow personally and to educate others. I believe that understanding the Hip Hop culture has helped me through many of my personal journeys in life.

DJ Libre together with KID KOMA
Would you please introduce yourself to our Readers.
Hi Im DJ Libre, im in my 4th year of professional disc jockeying and it feels great to still be here and shown love. I am also a part time graphic designer and web developer and co founder of The Unthinkables movement.

What exactly are „The Unthinkables“ and how did you guys come together?
The Unthinkables are a group of extraordinary and talented individuals, who have combined their talents to showcase & express their art forms to the world. it consist of Web developers, Graphic Designers, Producers, Dancers & DJs.
Who are all independent artist and the goal is to create a collaborative force similar to a production agency.

What made you start with being a DJ?
Music was always a part of my childhood. My dad was a musician and my Sister was a singer and pianist so i was surrounded by music all the time. It was something I had always dreamed of doing but never thought that I would actually be. I started as a B-Boy and it was listening to the cuts & scratches that inspired me to begin learning the art of turntablism.

2 months ago you dropped your Mixtape “Dub or Die Vol. 3” how was the response to this?
The response to our 3rd Mixtape has been epic! It has reached its download limit in just 2 months of its release, it got the respect of some of the most dope local Dubstep selectors and I couldn’t be more happy with the message and story that is told in the mix!

Dubstep is THE new thing that everyone is listening to right now. What do you think of the Scene in Australia and how would you compare it to the rest of the world?
Its still young and developing here, there are a few local producers that are making sounds that are on par with international standards and these guys are the inspiration for us to keep pushing our own flavour and start getting creative.

You have quite a Fan base in Germany/Europe right now, how did it feel for you to gain such popularity overseas with the release of Dub or Die Vol. 3?
Honestly we are honoured that anyone would spend 45 mins of their day to escape into our journey. Im very excited to play a set live for anyone who is down with our sounds!

Are there any plans for you to play Gigs outside of Australia?
The Unthinkables are definitely looking to journey out to Europe and emerse themselves in the music scene from B-Boy competitions to catching up with other members.

How did you guys discover Dubstep & what kind of a feeling was it to dive into the scene?
I cant remember exactly how I came across the genre but I remember listening to a Fabriclive Mixtape from Caspa & Rusko and i was instantly in tune with the direction they were heading to.

What are your upcoming projects & what can your fans and followers expect?
Definitely some more dub or die volumes but more importantly we are relocating our studio so we can start getting more heavily into producing our own sounds.

Please give a short message to our Readers.
Thank you for taking out time to listen and get to know us! Find us on Facebook or visit our forum on our website http://www.the-unthinkables.com – we are beyond imagination and you can expect the unexpected! Always something new from our crew and keep your ears and eyes out for us!

DJ Libre @ Facebook
DJ Libre @ Twitter
The Unthinkables @ Facebook
The Unthinkables Homepage


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