[Review] Geisha’s Finest: second voice

Geisha's Finest: second voice front
The Geisha’s Finest is a music sampler on which you find german J-Rock, J-Pop and Visual Kei Bands and artists.
On July 30th the second sampler of this kind was released: “Geisha’s Finest: second voice”.

For this compilation 11 different Bands from all over Germany sent their songs to make it happen.
Every Band has different influences which gives the sampler a good mixture.
When you listen to it the first time the jumps between the different genres might be tough and you might not like it, but the sampler gives you a great overview about the german, Japanese inspired, music scene.

Our favorite Track of the Sampler is: Nana:[shi] – Glass House

So if you are asking yourself how you could get this CD, we can tell you that it is really easy. Every Band that is on this sampler sells their own amount of them. So check out the links below and get your copy as long as they still have some left.
Geisha's Finest: second voice back
Seimei Hikari


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