[Review] Zeed & Effik – IN TWO MINDS

Over 2 months ago, on June 24th 2011, Zeed & Effik released their Hip Hop Mixtape “IN TWO MINDS”.
The Mixtape includes 12 really nice tracks which can really serve every Fan of good Hip Hop.

What we especially love are the electronic elements in some songs. This Mixtape takes you on it’s completely own journey. So go ahead listen to it & enjoy it.

1. No Chill-Prod. By Effik
2. I Need A Dollar (Zeed & Effik remix) Feat. MJ Angel
3. NEXT (Prod. By Zeed)
4. Lost Our Way (Prod. By Effik)
5. Lyrics Of Fury (prod by Zeed,Effik and Cheap Scotch)
6. Terrordome (over -Leakage- by Noisia)
7. Live Without fear (prod. By Zeed)
8. Solar Sailors Feat. Nikko Cereza (prod. By Zeed)
9. The Silver Dragon
10. Augusta- Effik’s Lament (over -Augusta- by Ronn McFarlane)
11. Augusta- Zeed’s Reprise (over -Augusta- by Ronn McFarlane)
12. Asphodel Return (over -Return- By Samyiam)
13. Bonus!-Fundamental Insight (over -Horsefeathers- by Bugseed)
14. Bonus! Lyrics Of Fury (Zeed’s Synths of Disdain Remix)

Our favorite Songs are:
I need a Dollar (Zeed & Effik Remix) feat. MJ Angel
(for us it is even better than the original)
Lyrics of Fury

But we didn’t mention the best about this Mixtape. It is for FREE!
So there is no reason for you not own it.
You can download it via their Bandcamp page. And if you download it you also get 2 Bonustracks that you’re not able to listen to via their Bandcamp page.

Zeed & Effik @ Bandcamp
Zeed The Mantis @ Facebook
Zeed & Effik @ Facebook


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