[Review] Atari Teenage Riot – IS THIS HYPERREAL

Is This Hyperreal Cover
On June 20th 2011, after 12 years, Atari Teenage Riot released their new Album “IS THIS HYPERREAL”, which was really long awaited by their Fans.
With 10 energetic songs Atari Teenage Riot are showing off that they are still the Band that their Fans love for years.
The messages of the Band are still strong and unique. Not many Bands raise their voice against the system like they do.

Like mentioned before “IS THIS HYPERREAL” contains 10 really great songs.
Our favorite Song of this Album is “Black Flags”.
Atari Teenage Riot – Black Flags (feat. Boots Riley) by Alec Empire/ ATR
A Short notice to that song:
Atari Teenage Riot wants your Video for the official “Black Flags” Video. So listen to the Song and read all the Information on their Soundcloud under the song.

1. Activate!
2. Blood in My Eyes
3. Black Flags
4. Is This Hyperreal?
5. Codebreaker (feat. Steve Aoki)
6. Shadow Identity
7. Re-Arrange Your Synapses
8. Digital Decay
9. The Only Slight Glimmer of Hope
10. Collapse of History

So if you like great Digital Hardcore with an awesome message you should really get your hands on this Album and don’t forget to participate in the Black Flags Video if you agree with the message of the Band.

To stay up to date with everything we recommend to follow the following accounts on Twitter and Tumblr and also like the following pages on Facebook.

Atari Teenage Riot official Homepage
Atari Teenage Riot @ Facebook
Alec Empire @ Facebook
Atari Teenage Riot @ Twitter
Alec Empire @ Twitter
Atari Teenage Riot @ Tumblr


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