[Nana’s Blog] Collection Complete

DJ Libre together with KID KOMA
Finally I could complete my collection of the „Dub or Die“ Volumes by The Unthinkables.
I’m addicted to Dubstep for a long time now and 4 months ago I discovered the “Dub or Die” Volumes through an Australian Friend of mine.
The first Volume I’ve ever listened to was “Dub or Die Vol. 3” and I have to admit it still is my favorite. Somehow you could say it’s like “your first love will always be your biggest”.
3 months after the release of Vol. 3 KID KOMA & DJ LIBRE dropped “Dub or Die Vol. 4” on August 1st , 2011. The great thing about Vol. 4 is that it’s different from Vol. 3 but that doesn’t make it less loveable. It’s more the opposite.
Dub or Die Vol.3 by The Unthinkables

So after the release of Vol. 4 I started my research, because when there are Vol. 3 & 4 there have to be Vol. 1 & 2 somewhere. So “Dub or Die Vol. 1” was found pretty fast and even if it is the first “Dub or Die” Release it’s nearly as great as the other ones. Of course the guys improved more with every Volume they made, but that makes “Dub or Die Vol.1” precious like a raw Diamond.

So the hunt for Vol. 2 continued until this morning. When I checked my Inbox on Facebook there was a message from KID KOMA saying “hey hey so I got a surprise for you” and there it was “Dub or Die Vol. 2”. It’s the longest one of the Mixtapes and the Intro is just EPIC. The Mix in this one even brought back some childhood memories and it is a perfect bridge between their first release and Vol. 3.
Dub or Die Vol.3 by The Unthinkables

So I hope these guys will drop more “Dub or Die” Volumes and of course some own stuff. I’ll be waiting here patiently and in the meantime work on some new Reviews since my table is full of CDs that want my attention.

So this was my 1st personal Blogentry here. Stay tuned for more.



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