[Interview] The Galz meet ZEED THE MANTIS

After his latest release “IN TWO MINDS” together with Effik we asked ZEED THE MANTIS for an Interview.
He was so kind to answer our questions & now you guys enjoy that awesome Interview with ZEED THE MANTIS.

Zeed & Effik 1

Please introduce yourself to our Readers
Zeed The Mantis, beat and rap guy, releases his tunes on the new Australian label HSN, member of THE UNTHINKABLES and just a rad dude to be honest/arrogant.

You started with beatboxing and producing during your Highschool years. Which artists were your biggest inspirations by then?
Beatbox wise, probably Kenny Muhammad, Killa Kela, and of course Rhazel and Doug E. Fresh. Dudes click-rolls are mental.

When it comes to production, of course classic producers like RZA, Premier etc.. A whole bunch of artists that don’t need a mention as they influence everyone. Really though i think Paul C, who produced a lot of early new york stuff-kicked off Organised Konfusion, and did some of Eric B and Rakim’s best shit- really influenced my style. I still can’t stray from breaks.

Your latest release was the Mixtape “IN TWO MINDS” together with Effik. How did that collaboration start and what do you think of the result?
I had been working on beats, working on writing, and absorbing everything i could possibly learn about programming synths and playing keys, back since 2004. The whole time between then and 2009 Only having ever released but a few beats, and produced a track here or there. Literally just constantly making for myself more or less.

Then, last year, I started a SoundCloud, and Effik got at me for a few beats. He was a picky fuck, and made me work so hard on them shits that we ended up having a working relationship through it. I was extremely impressed by his writing style and could tell he had been grinding away at his art for years, as i had.

Through what we achieved there in the beginning, (which is still unreleased by the way, but will be one day) we decided we needed to work on a collaborative project, something eclectic and free where we could just do what came naturally.

We started just writing over whatever we felt like, working on ideas, he’d throw me sample ideas, I’d produce, he’d write, I’d write etc. Until eventually we had enough material to get really fucking drunk and record our musings.

How was the Feedback from your Followers and Fans on “IN TWO MINDS”?
I have not personally had any negative feedback at all, which i was not expecting. Because there is such a variety of material on there, people lean towards certain tracks, so there is something for everyone in a stupid cliche’d way. The music balanced out nicely in retrospect.

What can people expect from your solo album which is in the works?
I have been a self indulgent hoarding klepto , saving all my favorite shit for it beat wise, and it’s where i want to fully go into the scope of my most personal ideas. There are a lot of progressive rock and jazz influences in the production, and the writing themes have so far been pretty intense. It’s pure Zeed, so expect smashing snappy drums, samples you wish you found, raps you want to bite and overall a solid, confronting experience, that you can click your fingers too while sipping a nice red.

Zeed & Effik 2
Which people or what influences inspire you to create your music?
I am inspired by originality first and foremost, and well executed unique ideas. I love music that does its fucking thing, and doesn’t sound like anything else doing it. Although, i am equally motivated by mediocrity, perhaps moved even further by it. I see so many people falling into homogeneous explorations, treading worn paths, that i yearn to cut my own out that much more.

If you think back what was your favorite moment until now?
Definitely there have been so many huge highlights, from big stuff like meeting some of my favorite acts when i was younger, to just those small personal achievements with my music.

I have to say though, working on and completing In Two Minds will go down as one of my favorite memories of all time, that shit was a fucking blast. And of course, hanging with Nikko Cereza in Sydney and rocking support for The Great Escape album launch with Effik was massive as well.

Which artists would you love to collaborate with in your future projects?
I have big aims to be honest, there are a few rappers in the U.S that I will seriously try and pursue collaborations with because they have inspired me to be what I am.
I am organizing collaborations now with a few diff underground artists here in Australia- Stories for Nothing, Rock with Korshun, Phatchance and a few more.. sorry if I forgot you motherlickers.

What kind of advice would you give young talented artists that want to start out with their music?
Don’t listen to the hype. Fuck those people dictating what music is becoming, don’t drink their pissy cool-aid and try to accumulate swag. Just do you, because if you do, and you work hard to be excellent, i will buy your shit.

Please give a short message to our Readers.
Monsters Of Causality. Remember that name, and keep watching your back, and Effik and Zeed’s Facebook. Piece.

ZEED THE MANTIS Locked behind Loops from his upcoming Album
Zeed & Effik Bandcamp Page


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