[Nana’s Blog] The first Interview

Having an Interview is always great. I mean I attended some Interviews as an assistant since I joined the Team of Rock around the World. But being responsible for your first own Interview will always be a really special memory.
I made this memory today, because I had my first Interview which will be aired on German Radio on October 13th. My Interviewpartners were DJ LIBRE & KID KOMA.
Most of you guys might already know them from the Dub or Die Reviews I posted here and also from the single Interview with DJ LIBRE (the one with KID KOMA follows soon).

But now back to my experience of the first Interview.
When I woke up way to early this morning having all these questions in my head like: “Damn what if something goes wrong?” “What if I can’t even say a proper sentence in English?” I guess the last one was the most terrible one since my English is far from being good.
But to everyone who will ever have their first Interview, be it a Face to Face one or one via Skype, don’t waste your thoughts on the stupid stuff like I did, because in the end you will have an awesome time with a great result.
And if you are lucky and have such talkative Interviewpartners like me, it’s even better.

Last but not least 2 of my favorite quotes from my first Interview:

“It’s an Unthinkable Thing”
“Hey you are Koma, can I have your Baby?”

If you wanna know when the guys said that, tune in to Rock around the World on October 13th and enjoy the Dubstep Feature with some great stuff.
Piano Chic Cover
And shortly before I finished this Blogentry KID KOMA dropped his newest Track “Piano Chic”. So enjoy this track right here right now.
Piano Chic by KID KOMA


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