[Review] fade – 天 ~TEN~

Fade - Ten Albumcover Limited Edition
You probably remember „Fade“ from the last Review about their album „Kings Of Dawn“, which was released in EU in December 2011.

If you hadn’t read it yet or simply just stumbled across „Fade“:
The band consists of 5 members: Jon Underdown (Vocalist, also known from „Yellow Fried Chickenz“), Rui Watanabe (Drummer and Bandleader), Kansei Miyaji (Guitar), Noriyuki Hashimoto (Bass) and „5° / Godo“ Shingo Terasawa (Guitar).

Blue eyed Samurai x Black eyed Cowboys = fade = “California Roll of Rock

Just like the popular California Roll sushi, „Fade“ have their roots in Japan, but soon caught attention all over the world.

The title of their newest album „天 ~TEN~“ includes a little play on words, since „天“ is the japanese symbol for sky or heaven, but is pronounced „TEN“ and moreover the band in their recent constellation is now active since 2002 – which makes it their tenth jubilee.

天 ~TEN~“ is available as a Regular Edition or a Limited Edition.
Both albums have one track difference:
The Regular Edition (which is also available on iTunes) includes „Close to You“, a pretty pop-like love song, in an English version; whereas the Limited Edition comes with a DVD including all by now released PV’s, some Live performances and the well-known Opening for the Anime „Deadman Wonderland“, called „One Reason“ as the 14th Track.
Fade Grouppicture new

The 7th studio album of „Fade“ is, just like them, a nice mixture of genres, cultures and languages. „Reimei“, „Close To You“ and „Wake Up The World“ have almost the complete lyrics in Japanese, whereas the rest of the album is in English.
If you compare tracks like „Chase for Daylight (feat. Toyo from „New Breed“)“, „Close To You“ and „Ever Free“ you will probably be confused at first, because „Fade“ were able to combine really heavy tunes, ballads, rock and pop songs on one album – without that it would sound inappropriate or out of order.

Still the lyrics of the album also have their deep and thoughtful sides.
„Keep The Faith“ deals for example amongst other things with war, but also reminds never to give up; „Chase for Daylight“, in all its heaviness says that you have to seize the moment before it is gone; „Pain Inside“ reminds to always move on, no matter how much something hurts.

01. In The End
02. Chase For Daylight (feat. Toyo from “New Breed”)
03. Reimei
04. Ever Free
05. Close To You (Japanese)
06. Moment Of Life
07. Keep The Faith
08. Wake Up The World
09. Pain Inside
10. Million To One
11. Always And Forever
12. Ten
13. Beautiful
14. Close to You (English / on Regular Edition) // One Reason (on Limited Edition)

If you followed Fade’s development since a while and listened to some of their older albums, you will definitely recognize a difference:
The band has grown.
They hadn’t reinvented themselves with this album, but, and what is even more important in times of casting shows and considering how hard it has become to be outstanding in the music scene nowadays, they have kept their personal sound and developed it.
Musically, emotionally and also qualitative.

天 ~TEN~“ definitely includes at least one track that suits the taste of every person.
No matter if you’re sad, if you look for something to rock out to, something to think about, to relax or to just sing along to.

An EU Edition of the album is planned and announcements should be made soon.
If you got curious enough to want to listen to the album despite it’s availability overseas, you can still try to get the album from CDJapan or iTunes:
+ Regular
+ Limited
+ iTunes

Snippets can be found on the Bandpage of Fade’s Facebook

We want to thank our Guestblogger Sandy for this Review. She is also the Webmiss of King of Dawn, a Jon Underdown fanpage. So be sure to check her site out.


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