[Review] P.R. – Introspection

Introspection Cover
On June 3, 2012 it was finally time and P.R. dropped his newest E.P. „Introspection“.
The E.P. contains 6 tracks which all have the typical P.R. sound. It is really amazing how he kept his unique sound that you immediately recognize. But now it is time to talk about “Introspection”.

As soon as you start playing the first song “Moon Mother” you get this wonderful relaxing chill out feeling, which “Introspection” keeps all the way.
The Jazz / Hip Hop mixture and the signature sound of P.R. make this E.P. something really special. Except for “Coming Home” and “Sunchild” all tracks are instrumental tracks.
So if you plan a relaxing summer BBQ with friends and love Jazz and Hip Hop this is your background music for this evening.


1. Moon Mother
2. Faraway
3. Lost Then Found
4. Coming Home (feat. Carla Waye)
5. There for you
6. Sunchild

Our favorite Track of the E.P. is “Sunchild”, which was dropped as a teaser way before “Introspection” was released.
So now go and listen to this amazing E.P. online or if you want to take it with you everywhere you go download it for free.

Download here

If you want to know more about P.R. and check out some of his older work check out his following sites:



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