[Banddiscovery] DNR

Dreams Not Reality
Dreams Not Reality or DNR are an Euro-Visual Kei Band from Italy.
DNR was founded by Bassist Kira in 2005. After recording some songs and the EP “Visual Reloaded“ the band and their current vocal split up to follow their own ways.
In 2009 singer Axia joined the band which also changed their name from “DNR project” to “Dreams Not Reality (DNR)”.
After recording their first single + video “Beyond This World” the band decided to go back to a five member line-up. With SEBA the band completes their five member band and also their current line-up.

Most recently the band released their newest video “Rock Princess” in which one of my favorite Bloggers “La Carmina” stars in.

The music is unique and I can really recommend that check them out. Plus also check out La Carmina’s Blog with pictures about her experience at the video shooting.

For more infos about Dreams Not Reality check out the following links:

DNR Official Homepage
DNR Official Facebook
DNR Official Twitter
DNR Official YouTube
DNR Official Google+


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