[Review] Jozef & Blaze – Jack Swag EP

Through DJ Libre we discovered Jozef & Blaze a while back. These talented guys from Adelaide, Australia released their “Jack Swag” EP on ,2012.
The EP has 9 tracks, which all have a different style. It goes from partying Hip Hop to Ballads.
Our favorite track of “Jack Swag” is the Outro “Too much Luv” and this is not because it is the end of the EP, it is simply because it touched our hearts really much.

The “Jack Swag” EP by Jozef & Blaze should be in any Download/Music folder of a person that likes good music & especially Hip Hop.
You can get the EP as a free download on their Bandcamp page & Website.

And for anyone that lives in Australia, be sure to stay even more tuned to their Facebook and and and, because there could be gigs near you.

Now stop reading this and listen to the “Jack Swag” EP, but don’t forget to follow Jozef & Blaze on:



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