[Interview] The Galz meet DNR

Let’s start this new year fresh with a special treat for all our readers.

We Galz had the opportunity to get an Interview with Italian Visual Kei Band “DNR”.

The guys took their time to answer some of our questions via E-Mail and we’re really happy to present you the Interview right here.

Now enjoy the Interview and don’t forget to check out the Band for yourself.

Dreams Not Reality

1. Would you guys please introduce yourselves to our readers

Kira : I’m Kira, the crazy man who designed DNR in his mind… and after some year the dream come true!

Sieg : I’m Sieg, the guitarist of this band… music is my drug!

2. How did you guys meet?

Ash : I met Kira many years ago in a rehearsal room, playin’ with another band… he asked me to be part of his project (DNR), he introduced me to Sieg…  and some year after we found Axia. After the release of “Beyond this world” videoclip, Seba got in touch with us through internet… and ya know the rest of the story! 😉

Sieg :  I met Kira for another musical project about Manga-anime songs! after 3 months he drag me in DNR!

3. You recently released the video for your song “Rock Princess”. What was your favorite part of the shooting?

Kira :  In this video I use a special bass! It’s an original rickenbacker! (borrowed from Bacco,  FREAKOUTband) So, in general I love the shots at this Rock Gun!

Ash : I definitely loved the live shooting… I’m cool in actin’ playin’ drums! I find it funny… it’s nice to shoot videoclips sometimes!

Seba :  I’ve really enjoed the whole shooting! mostly because beside being a band we are also all good friends!

4. How was the response to the Video and the Song until now?

Ash : Not bad at all… people seem to appreciate the sound and the song… and they like the videoclip aswell… more than 23.000 views on Youtube after only a week from it’s release can prove dat!

Axia :  it was great! you can see the numbers views growing day by day!

Seba : So far it seams positive and we are very happy about that.

5. What are the next plans for the Band & what can fans and followers expect?

Axia : Release the ALBUM and go in TOUR!

Ash : I’d say the first full length album to be released …and maybe a new clip??!

Sieg : do our best..as always! for our music and for our Fans!

6. If you could be an animal which one would it be?

Kira : a hawk… just for fly away…

Ash : A snake, deffo

Seba : A dragon!

Sieg : a CAT! that’s for sure!

7. Please give a short message to our readers

Sieg : Stay Dreamer!!

Axia : See you on Tour!!

Kira : Hope to meet you at our next concert!

For more infos about Dreams Not Reality check out the following links:

DNR Official Homepage
DNR Official Facebook
DNR Official Twitter
DNR Official YouTube
DNR Official Google+


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