[Review] Ali Vegas – The Book of Ali

New York Hip Hop is back!

The Book of Ali Cover

With the release of his album “The Book of Ali” New York’s finest Ali Vegas shows the whole world his variety of skills.

This album contains different styles that fit together really well. It never gets boring to listen to this variety of styles and lyrics.
Where “Child of God” is a really slow song that makes you think, there are other songs that you could describe as kinda Gangsta rap. With the song “Death Race” you also find Reggae influences on this album.
The three skits that you find in the beginning the middle and the end really make the “Book of Ali” a complete masterpiece that the artist can be proud of.

Our favorite songs are: “Child of God” and “Blood Letters

1. Book of Ali (Skit 1)
2. Vengence
3. Porch to Public
4. Child of God
5. Veg Memories
6. Book of Ali (Skit 2)
7. Blood Letters
8. Death Race
9. Bulletproof
10. Moons Out
11. Better Days
12. Street Life
13. Book of Ali (Skit 3)

Don’t forget to follow Ali Vegas on Twitter and like his Facebook to stay up to date with all his new stuff.

And last but not least we can’t wait for more releases from the prince of New York in the near future.


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