[Interview] The Galz meet The Glitch Mob

On October 19, 2011 we Galz had the honor to meet THE GLITCH MOB right before their gig at the Paradiso, in Amsterdam. Ed & Josh we’re giving us answers to all our question. Sadly Justin wasn’t feeling really well at this time so he was the only part of THE GLITCH MOB missing.
But nonetheless this Interview still was one of our favorites of 2011.

We hope you enjoy the read!


1. Please introduce yourself to our readers!

GM: My name is Ed and my name is Josh and we’re THE GLITCH MOB minus Justin, because he is not feeling really well, so he is back at the hotel.
So yeah. We’re THE GLITCH MOB from Los Angeles, California.

2. Since when does THE GLITCH MOB exist?

GM: So, we guess we’ve been together for over 5 years now. But we actually haven’t released an album together until last year. Before that we were basically just like a loose group of producers that were Djing together & playing parties together. That evolved into making music together and performing together, which is where we are right now.

3. Where does the Bandname come from?

GM: Basically what happened was, that we were booked for a festival. But they needed us to actually put down the name of a group down there. Because there were too many people in THE GLITCH MOB at that time, so they couldn’t put everyone’s name on there. So they basically needed us to come up with a name that night.
Josh was sitting around with a couple of friends at that time and this is how THE GLITCH MOB came around. It wasn’t just something that we really took too serious, but the name caught on and it just ended up sticking, so we ended up going with it.

4. Where do you guys position yourself in the international music scene?

GM: We guess it’s something that is really hard to define, you know. We don’t really necessarily make anyone’s specific genre music. It’s not like we make only house, drum’n’bass or dubstep or something like that. We guess like maybe we pull from all those kinds of genres a little bit but we guess our sound is really our own. But yet our sound and our liveshow very much fit into “Rave Culture”. We kind of always explained it to people, that we’re kind of the odd-balls in the international dance-music scene. But yeah, we have a good time, the fans dig it and that’s really all that matters.

5. Does your music have a message?

GM: Yes, very much.
Galz: And what is it?
Josh: I was going to say that it doesn’t have a specific message and we kind of leave it open to interpretation. And when we were writing our first record, there were many, many messages in there, but they weren’t like one specific, this song means this one message. It was more of capturing different kinds of feelings and emotions. Almost kind of like a puzzle of feelings in stories that you can put together and make your picture out of it.
It’s a pretty loose thing, but it’s definitely packed full of messages.
Ed: I think it’s something that we always let the listener determine what our music means for them. So you know for some people, they might listen to a song and it might be the they listen to before they make love to their lover or so. And to another person it might the music they’re going to listen to before they run 20 miles.
I think to each different person it means something different and that’s kind of the beauty of it.

6. What are your next plans after this tour? What comes next?

GM: We’re in the process of working on our second album and that’s pretty much what we’re gonna be doing. We started writing the record out of Joshua Tree in California, in the desert and we just basically try to finish that early next year and releasse it some time the next year, hopefully.

7. If people want to contact you, where is that possible?

GM: Facebook is probably the best way and obviously our website. Our website is where they can get the most information, free music and all about the live shows. But we’re really active on our Facebookpage. We love getting questions from fans and responding to them. We’re also posting different pictures, that we take when we’re on the road. So it’s like a really good outlet for us to not just be like “here it’s just music”. It’s kind of like everything “this is what we’re thinking about” or “this is what we’re up to”.
So we would say Facebook is a pretty good spot for someone that wants to feel connected to THE GLITCH MOB.

8. What bands or artists inspire you in your music work?

GM: A lot of them.
Josh: I’m just naming a few artists I’m listening to right now, which always ends up inspiring the music that we make.
So lately I’ve been listening to “The Weeknd”, which is probably one of my favorites right now. There is another artist called “Cloudkicker”. He is an instrumental, metal artist. He makes like really fast metal music, but he programs the whole thing on the computer, so it’s not actual metal. Well he plays guitar but everything else is programed. And it’s really inspiring.
So these are kind of my two favorites right now.
Ed: I also like “The Weeknd” as well. Mostly I listen to “Frank Ocean”, “Jacques Greene”, “Machine Drum” and “Porter Robinson”, who I think is making some killer Dubstep tunes right now.
Josh:Dillon Francis”, doing like kind of a moombarace-house thing that inspired us. But there is so many different variety in music, honestly.

9. Okay next off we have a quote for you: “Music is the universal language that everybody understands”. Agree or Disagree?

GM: Definitely agree. We think especially being out here in Europe, there sometimes is a language barrier. But as soon as the tunes come on, the reaction is always the same, whether it’s Paris/France or Los Angeles/California.
Wherever it is in the world, people get excited.

10. If you would be an animal, what would it be?

GM: We would be coyotes, because we like to go out to the desert, stroll around at night, mysterious. We always are around each other, so we are like a pack.

11. Would you please give a message to our readers?

GM: We just want to thank all our listeners and all our fans, especially out here in Europe. Obviously we wouldn’t be here without you guys. You make this whole entire tour happen.
So thank you and we got a lot of love for you and hopefully we see you on the road.

Don’t forget to check out THE GLITCH MOB on the net:

Official Website
Official Facebook
Official Twitter


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