[Interview] The Galz meet girugämesh

Today we feel like sharing another blast from the past with you guys.

On March 19, 2011, we had the honor to meet the Band „girugämesh“ before their concert in Bochum.


Please introduce yourself and tell us your position in the band.

Satoshi: My name is Satoshi and I’m the singer.

Nii: My name is Nii and I play guitar.

How does it feel to be back in Germany?

Satoshi: This time all 3 concerts in Germany are sold out and we are super happy about this.

Nii: We are very thankful, that we have the opportunity to come back to Europe and play concerts. Sadly we can’t come to Europe that often to perform, so we are really happy to be here.

How were the first concerts of the tour?

Satoshi: From the beginning, everything went great and everyone is getting along great.

Nii: We’re having so much fun on the trip.

Are you guys looking forward to the gig tonight?

Satoshi: Tonight is the last gig of our European tour and we would like to have an awesome night with our fans.

How important is the contact to the fans for you?

Satoshi: A lot of fans are still waiting for us after the shows, to get an autograph and we are really thankful, that they are still waiting for us after a 2 hour show.

Nii: We really enjoy that the fans show us their thankfulness and we appreciate it.

You just released your newest album „GO“ not too long ago. How did the fans react to that?

Satoshi: For this album we just did what we think is awesome. And as it seems like, the fans gave it a good listen, so we can sing all together.

What is the meaning of the title „GO“?

Satoshi: The title has a lot of positive energy from us and it shows that we are still moving forward.

What are your next plans after this tour?

Satoshi: After this European tour, we are going to play some shows in the US and we will also play some shows in Japan.

Who is your favorite Comic/Manga Hero?

Satoshi: Naruto.

Nii: Zorro from One Piece.

We also had some questions from Fans that we asked the Band

Which perfume do you guys use?

Satoshi & Nii: We don’t use any perfume.

What happens to the gifts you guys receive from the fans?

Satoshi: Banners with signatures and comments from fans get stored in a suitcase. We still have all of them. And we also collect the plush toys in our rooms.

And also girugämesh were so nice to leave us a message for their fans:

Satoshi: We managed to play 3 sold out concerts in Germany and we always give our best to play the best shows for our fans. So please keep supporting us in the future.

We will also continue creating good albums and we hope to be back in Germany soon, to have fun again with the fans.


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