[Event] VAMPS @ Kesselhaus, Berlin


On October 3rd, 2013 we attended the VAMPS Concert at the Kesselhaus in Berlin.

Early in the morning fans gathered in front of the venue. But if you compare it to other concerts of japanese Rock & Visual Kei Bands, it was really peaceful. There was no pushing, no real line and stuff like that. Only the people who had VIP Tickets for the concerts were waiting in a line, but also not all the time.

At around 5:30pm, all the VIP guests could enter the venue to have their Meet & Greet with Hyde & K.A.Z.. The VIP guests also had an early entrance to the stage area, but what we saw kind of shocked us more than anything else. When the venue staff opened the door to the stage area, so the VIPs could enter, they started pulling each others hair and some people even fell to the floor. We weren’t expecting that.

The Kesselhaus was filled with VAMPS fans really fast, but still compared to other japanese concerts, it was kind of a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the show to start.

At 8pm the band entered the stage and the show started. During songs like „Trouble“, „Sex, Blood and Rock’n’Roll“, Hyde always did MCs in German and English. The ones he made in German we’re kind of funny and he had to repeat them several times until all the fans understood them and gave him the reaction he wanted.

After a powerful 2 hour show the concert was over and the fans slowly left the venue on their way home. Of course some fans were still waiting outside the venue, to maybe meet the band. If they did, we don’t know.

We hope that all the fans left that awesome concert as satisfied as we did.

Thank you Sandy for the awesome pictures.


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