[Banddiscovery] Royz

RoyzRoyz is a Visual Kei band which was formed on September 26th, 2009 in Osaka. In the beginning the band considered of the members Subaru (vocals), Kazuki (guitar), Koudai (bass) and Tomoya (drums). In February 14th , 2010 Kuina from the band Celestial Garden became the second guitarist of Royz.
Their first single was a limited live record of the song “No Fate” which was released on September 28th ,2009. The first singles “Hoshi ni Negai wo” and “Marble Palette” were released shortly before Kuina joined the band on January 14th ,2010. In summer of the same year Royz had their very first small tour which contained stops in Nagoya, Tokyo and Osaka.

In the beginning of 2011 Royz went on tour with the band Kiryu from Feburary to April. The band also moved from Osaka to Tokyo and joined their label B.P.Records.

They had their first One-Man Live in 2011 and in November their first album “Revolution to new AGE” was released.

They promoted that album with a tour and released a Live DVD in May 2012.

Royz often works together with other bands. For example they attend a new year live at 2011 / 2012 together with the bands SCREW and BORN. They also performed on the tour of the band MEJIBRAY. Sadly their tour from July to August 2012, which was set to promote their single “Starry HEAVEN” was cancelled because Subaru (the vocalist) had surgery on his leg.

The new single “LILIA” is going to be released on January 15th ,2014. After that Royz will be going on a Spring One-Man Tour from January to March to promote the single.

Royz describe their concept as “catchy” and they wish to “make music that appeals to all different kinds of people”. And they are really good in doing that. Their looks are sometimes more in the Oshare Kei – Genre and sometimes very dark. On the one side their sound is very hard and rockish but on the other side soft and more electronic. Thanks to this big variety they are gaining fans all around the world quickly.

Please check out the following links to get more informations about Royz:

Official Homepage
Official Twitter
Official Youtube
Official Myspace


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