[Banddiscovery] ANSIA


ANSIA made their debut under the name “auncia” in April 2006 in Tokyo. Under this name they were able to raise attention and popularity. In 2009 they signed a contract with Universal Music Japan and even had an overseas live at the US Japan Expo in July 2009.

Their song “Dearly” was used as ending song for a Japanese talk show.  “Rabiu”, the first album of the band was also released in parts of Europe and Asia – to be specific in Germany, France, Finland, South Korea and Taiwan. Still the band went on hiatus in 2011, because the bassist Yusuke decided to leave and later became a support member of the band ALSDEAD.

In November 2012 the band made their comeback under the name “ANSIA” and with a new member.

The current members are Tatsuki (Vocals), Tateishi Jin (Guitar), Asakura Aki (Bass) and Fukamachi Hikari (Drums).

Not only did their Name change, but also their sound and looks.
The first single under their new name ANSIA was “Koibana”, which was released on May 22
nd 2013 and was released in two types – both with a DVD. One contained the Music Video of the song and the other the Making Of.
On October 30
th 2013 ANSIA released their double A-Side Single “Nanairo HEARTS / Sobo Chakushin“, which also includes the song “Damage” – the main theme song for the Japanese movie “Run Away Game”.

They are going to participate in the 12-episodes dorama “Juuniseiza no girlfriend”, which started broadcasting in October 2013 and is about the different characters based on zodiac signs. One of the songs on the new single is going to be the theme-song of this drama. The episodes of this drama are going to be released on Youtube right after the broadcast at 3 am (JST).

ANSIA is a hard working band, who is trying their best to not be forgotten – also after the long hiatus. Maybe the new sound is too different for people who were fans of “auncia”, but it’s a very nice and positive sound. Also it’s great that they are trying to be successful as musicians but also want to try out other things – for example as actors.

Please check out these links to find out more about ANSIA:

Official Homepage
Official Twitter
Official Youtube
Twitter Tatsuki
Twitter Aki
Twitter Jin
Twitter Hikari


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