[Banddiscovery] Purple Stone


Purple Stone is a new Visual Kei band from Osaka. They were formed in February 2013 and had their debut on March 30th, 2013. They also held their very first live on the same day. Their first limited single Scarwas released on July 6th

The band consists of the members GAK (Guitar & Programming), keiya (Vocal) and FUMA (Bass & Chorus). keiya and FUMA were both already together in a band called Hazze.

Because the band is very new there is not much to say about this young boys until now. The music is rockish but thanks to keiyas more soft voice still refreshing. Purple Stone is going to release their first Mini Album NEXUSon November 27th and of course we really hope that this album is going to be a success for the band.

Also you are able to find a lot about their music on their official homepage and on their official YouTube account. We highly recommend to check both of them out!

Here you can find all the improtant links, which also include their twitter accounts and the facebook profiles of FUMA and keiya:

Official Homepage
Official YouTube
Twitter FUMA
Twitter keiya
Twitter GAK
Facebook FUMA
Facebook keiya


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